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We hope the following free Flash Animation Tutorials and Flash Actionscript Tutorials will help you, especially if you are a Flash beginner.

Flash Animation Tutorials

Check out our free Adobe Flash animation tutorials listed below.

Flash Symbols
Basic Flash Symbols In this tutorial you'll learn the basic concepts of Flash symbols, symbol types, creating and using them. Read about basics of Flash graphics, Flash buttons and Flash movieclips.
Flash Animation Basics
Animation BasicsThis tutorial teaches the basics of Flash Animation by covering creation of simple animations using motion tween, shape tween, guided tween and frame-by-frame animation.
Flash Text Basics
Text BasicsThis tutorial explains the basics of using Flash text and the 3 types of Textboxes - Static, Input & Dynamic.
Advanced Flash Buttons
Flash Advanced  ButtonsThis Flash tutorial teaches how to convert a simple button into cool button effects using movieclips, sound and actionscript. Teaches the first type: Flash Movieclip Button.
Flash Sound Button
Sound Files in Flash ButtonsIn this Flash tutorial you can learn how to include sound files in Flash buttons.
Flash Actionscript Button
Actionscript ButtonLearn how to create a Flash actionscript button using actionscript controlled tweening and masking in Flash.
Cool Flash Effects
Flash Effects Flash tutorials to create cool flash effects using simple techniques like tweening, masking, etc.
Optimizing Masking Animations
Optimize AnimationsIn this tutorial you'll learn how to optimize animations when masking pictures using Flash.
Outline Effect
Flash Outline EffectA tutorial on how to create an attractive outline effect over a bitmap image in Flash.
Shape Hint Effect
Shape Hint Flash tutorial to create smooth shape tweens by adding a shape hint to the Shape.
Sinewave Background Effect
Sinewave BackgroundThis Flash tutorial teaches you how to create a moving sinewave effect as your background.
Cool Text Effects
Text EffectsLearn how to create simple and cool text effects using basic techniques like tweening, masking, etc.
Flash Graphic Effects
Flash GraphicLearn how to create attractive graphic objects that use various fill options/effects to make unique and attractive effects. More coming soon!

Flash Actionscript Tutorials

Check out our free Adobe Flash actionscript tutorials listed below.

Flash Custom Cursor
Custom CursorIn Flash you can change the standard pointer cursor and use Movieclips as Custom Cursors using simple actionscript.
Start Stop Movieclips
Starting and Stopping MovieclipsThis Flash tutorial teaches how to start and stop the animation at runtime and control movieclips using basic actionscript code.
HTML in Flash Textbox
HTML TextboxThis tutorial teaches you how to preserve rich text formatting in a flash textbox like font, font style, hyperlink, paragraph, etc., using the appropriate HTML tags.
Flash Digital Clock
Digital ClockIn this tutorial you will learn how to display digital time using actionscript in Flash. You will learn about the date object, how to write functions and call them.
Sound On/Off Button
Sound On Off ButtonThis Flash tutorial teaches how to play and stop sound/music files using simple actionscript.
Flash Text Scroller
Text ScrollerThis tutorial explains how to create simple and advanced scrollers for textboxes in Flash using Actionscript.
Flash Preloader
PreloaderA Flash preloader is useful in preventing partial loading of a movie while it plays. Learn how to create a very simple preloader using Flash actionscript.
Import External Data
Import External DataThrough this Flash tutorial you will learn how to obtain data from external sources. We have covered Text files, ASP/PHP files and XML files.

Flash 'n' ASP Unleashed

This tutorial series will help a beginner understand how Flash works with a database as its backend for storing and retriving records.

Flash and ASP Guide
Flash and ASPThis tutorial covers the usage of ASP and Flash to bring about Dynamic data display and manipulation i.e. interactivity into Flash, Data transfer to the database from the user via the Flash interface, Validation of fields in Flash forms using JavaScript and VB Script, Setting of cookies on the client browser if desired and Handling Flash & ASP files to make the application scalable and optimized for the web.
  1. Flash and ASP Introduction
  2. Basics of Flash and ASP
  3. Preparing the Stage
  4. Sending Data from your Flash form to the database
  5. Getting Data from the database into your Flash form
  6. Flash preloader that waits for the data to load
  7. Validation of fields in Flash forms using JScript and VBScript

Software Required

Compatible Versions of Flash for this Tutorial

Recommended Version: Adobe Flash Professional CS5Recommended Version: Adobe Flash CS4 Professional
Flash CS5 Professional | Flash CS4 Professional
Note: For uses of lower versions of Flash some visual interface images would differ.
Recommended Version: Adobe Flash CS5 Professional
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