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PHP Programming Tutorials & Tips

PHP Programming Tutorials & Tips

In this tutorial you will learn about PHP, its Installation guide, Variables, Library Functions in PHP (String functions, Date functions), and Validation of Date fields, Phone Numbers (Both Local & International), E-mails, about Cookies, Session Variables, Sending E-mail using PHP, about MySQL database, using PHPMyAdmin, and some PHP Tips.

Introduction to PHP  

            PHP has become a more popular technology for web programming in the recent years owing to its open source technology. This means that it is free to use and is compatible with almost any server, say Windows, Linux/Unix and Apache. Though it is open source, the technology has many advanced features included in it and is now capable of handling almost any issue related to the internet.

Intro about PHP & Installation - explains the basics of PHP, its Installation with some referral sites for PHP.

Basic PHP Functions & Programming Tutorials

  • Variables - explains about variables and how to assign values to them.

PHP Library Functions

  • String Functions - explains how to handle strings in PHP, by explaining some of its functions with examples.
  • Date Functions - explains how to obtain system Date and Time in various formats.


Using Cookies - explains cookies, its uses and syntax for setting Cookies

About Session Variables - explains about Session Variables with syntax for setting them.

Functions in PHP - explains about the basics of functions, their usage and how they work.

Sending E-mail in PHP - explains how to send an E-Mail using PHP with examples. (Source code available).

PHP Programming with MySQL Database Tutorials

MySQL Database Connection - explains about MySQL Database Connection with examples.

Using PHPMyAdmin - explains about insertion, deletion and updation of records in a table using PHPMySQLAdmin.

MySQL Query Command - explains some common MySQL query statements like Select, Delete, Update, etc.

PHP Tips

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