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Sending E-Mail(s) in PHP

PHP mail() function

Sending E-Mail(s) in PHP

This tutorial is an introduction to sending E-mails using PHP. You will learn about the PHP Mail function to send email and how to Create a PHP Form that sends email(s) using this function.

PHP mail() function

E-mails in PHP can be easily sent using the library function 'mail'. This function takes four arguments to send E-mails from a PHP web page and returns 'true' upon successful delivery of Email. The parameters of this function are as follows:

  • Recipient E-mail address
  • E-mail Subject
  • E-mail message (body)
  • Headers and additional parameters like the Sender E-mail address

mail( string to, string subject, string message [, string additional_headers [, string additional_parameters]] )

This function returns the boolean value 'True' if the mail is sent successfully, otherwise it returns 'False'.


To :
From :
Subject :
Message(body) :
Above forms shows how to send email through PHP. And code for the above examples given below, use this code and try it.

Sample PHP Code


//Check whether the submission is made

//Declarate the necessary variables

//Check for success/failure of delivery
echo "<span class='red'>E-mail has been sent successfully from $mail_sub to $mail_to</span>";
echo "<span class='red'>Failed to send the E-mail from $mail_sub to $mail_to</span>";


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