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While working with dreamweaver we have come across some very useful tips that will surely benefit all dreamweaver users. Please do submit your tips through our contact us form. This page is dedicated to all Dreamweaver fans!

Prerequisite Knowledge

This tutorial teaches you how to learn handy tips that will allow you more flexibility and creativity while designing sites in Dreamweaver and thus assumes you are familiar with some design software, even if you are new to Adobe Dreamweaver. However be assured that our detailed instructions can be followed by even a total novice.

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Dreamweaver Tips

  • Use CSS Styles (Tutorial)
    Format text throughout your Dreamweaver site easily. Read more in cool text effects using css styles and links without underline.

  • Switch to the Code View by pressing F10.

  • In the Design View of Dreamweaver you can View your page in the default browser by pressing F12.

  • Insert a line break <br> tag by pressing Shift+Enter.

  • Give non-breaking space by holding down Ctrl+Shift and clicking Space. Instead of clicking the space bar continuously (you will get &nbsp; characters one after the other), release the Ctrl+Shift between clicks to the space bar. You will get the desired space in half the number of characters (better HTML code).

  • Use different kinds of bullets to make your lists look attractive. Read our tutorial on Bullets.
  • Use a common structure (template) for your site pages - Learn how to create Dreamweaver Templates

  • Place common code into include files - Learn how to create and use Server Side Includes (SSI)

  • Create rollover buttons or links in Dreamweaver. Learn how to create Dreamweaver Rollover Buttons

  • Use In-built optimized client side javascript scripting generated by dreamweaver called Dreamweaver Behaviors. The most Useful Behaviors are as follows (click the links on the behaviours to read our detailed Tutorial on them) :

Software Required

Adobe Dreamweaver (Macromedia Dreamweaver prior to version 8). Please check out the compatible versions listed in the box below. Since this tutorial series covers the core functions of Dreamweaver to learn handy tips that will allow you more flexibility and creativity while designing sites in Dreamweaver, mostly any version of these software should be fine.

Compatible Versions of Dreamweaver for this Tutorial

Dreamweaver CS6 Dreamweaver 4-8 | Dreamweaver CS3 | Dreamweaver CS4/CS5/CS6
Note: The instructions in this tutorial are same across all Dreamweaver versions listed above; Screenshot images (if any) may differ. Recommended Version: Dreamweaver CS6
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