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New Features in Adobe Fireworks CS4

Adobe Fireworks CS4 New Features

Get to know all the cool new features available in Adobe Fireworks CS4

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Adobe Fireworks CS4, the latest offering from Adobe for Fireworks is out and catching on like fire! The amazing new features that have been released with this version are sure to impress even hard core Adobe Photoshop lovers (now that there is no Adobe vs Macromedia rivalry as an excuse not to use Fireworks ;-) As you'll find out soon enough, Fireworks is not only a rapid prototyping software. Try it guys, you're sure to love it! In fact you will end up finding it indispensable while designing websites and vector graphics. As always we love Fireworks because of its amazing easy-to-use core capabilities, and now there is even more to talk about! Listed below are the most prominent new features in Fireworks CS4 you can explore:

  1. Pages Panel - Easier Project Management
  2. Styles Panel upgraded - Many advanced predefined styles to work with
  3. Path Panel - Awesome vector manipulation options
  4. Smart Guides and Tooltips - A great time saver
  5. CSS Export - Adobe Fireworks becomes CSS Savvy
  6. PDF Export - Fireworks CS4 takes center stage in Design Prototyping
  7. Guide Measure and Measurement Auto Shape - Easier use of guides and show measurements in prototypes
  8. 9-Slice Scaling tool - quickly scale symbol objects without any distortion
  9. Align Panel upgraded - Controlled spacing between objects
  10. Auto Vector Mask upgraded - you can now apply predefined patterns as vector masks
  11. Slide Show command upgraded - Create and modify Flash slide-shows from inside Fireworks CS4
  12. Text Wrapping - You can now wrap text inside a vector object of any shape
  13. Common Library upgraded - Well organized Common Library with many new inbuilt objects

Pages Panel

Easier Project Management! Adobe Fireworks CS4 introduces the concept of pages where now a document can be considered as a project consisting of one or more of pages. You can create, delete, sort and rename the pages. Each page can be given unique settings for canvas size, canvas color, image resolution and guides. One of the pages can be set as the Master Page. The Master Page of a document can be used to hold all common elements of the website's design such as the header, footer and navigation.


Styles Panel upgraded

Adobe Fireworks CS4 now brings you many advanced predefined styles to work with. The latest addition to the style panel is the Style Library drop down with an attractive collection of libraries: Text Creative, Text Corporate, Dark Chrome, Diagonals, Form Inputs, Old Paper, Text Web, Tool Tips, Chrome, Pasteles, Plastic, and Wood. (Be sure to read our Simple Navigation Ideas Tutorial to see some of these new styles in action)


Join Path
Join Path
Join Path

Trim Path
Trim Path
Trim Path

Blend Path
Blend Path
Blend Path

Click here for more examples

Path Panel

Awesome vector manipulation options! The amazing new path panel shows us the various vector editing options available in Adobe Fireworks CS4. It brings to the table greatly improved and enhanced tools for combining, altering, editing, and selecting paths in vector shapes - A big jump from Fireworks 8 and CS3.

Check out interesting options like path extrusion, path blending, fisheye, deform to path, invert shape, Extrude Paths, blend paths, etc.

Path Panel
Path Panel

Smart Guides and Tooltips

The newly introduced Smart Guides & Tooltips is a great time saver! There is no need now to frequently look at the property inspector when positioning objects. When you drag an object nearer to another object, the smart guides displays dashed lines, helping you to easily align objects to the nearest edge of another object. You can also center an object using the Smart Guides. Activate/Deactivate the Smart Guides by accessing it via the View menu. Tooltips give you the width and height of a vector object in real time. The tooltips specify the dimensions of any vector and you will see x and y coordinates appear within a vector as shown in the example below:

Smart Guides and Tool Tips

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Compatible Versions of Fireworks for this Tutorial

Fireworks CS6 Fireworks CS4 | Fireworks CS5 | Fireworks CS6
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