Flash Smart Quote

Generate & display estimates instantly

Flash Smart Quote

Generate & display estimates instantly

This cool new product is a must for all online businesses. Your potential clients get an Instant Quote or estimate that totals up right in front of their eyes! The Flash Smart Quote has been a real success on our site and we strongly recommend that you use an instant quote on any business site. Try it below!

What is an Instant Quote?

We can build the Smart Quote for your web site for

An Instant Quote is exactly what the name implies. It provides an online quote instantaneously. Your clients don't have to contact you with their requirements to find out what your rates and costs are. They simply have to try out different combinations and options to get a solution that is customized to their needs and budget constraints. This saves time and effort for both the parties involved. The Smart Quote also helps your clients make a buying decision. Isn't that Smart?

Cool Features

  • Flash Interface - The Smart Quote product has a smart Flash Interface (we will customize it to suit your site)
  • Instant Calculations - Simply select the options you want and the total is instantly calculated. For a different set of options, simply uncheck the boxes and select new ones. You'll get a fresh new total - at once!
  • Automatic Email Sender - If a visitor chooses to contact you with the details of this quote, an email is automatically generated that records his or her selected options along with the total.

Try out our Smart Quote Demo below to see just how cool it is! it's a great deal for only US $129!

Important Note: The prices listed above are out-dated please write to us with your specifications for a custom quote.

Latest Release: Smart Survey 1.0   HOT!

Create unlimited number of Flash Surveys on your web site for just $299.

FREE SMART GUEST BOOK 2.0 - Flash and ASP Guest-Book

We offer an ABSOLUTELY FREE version of the Smart Guest Book that has been downloaded more than 20,000 times. Try out our free version 2.0 demo or sign the Smart Webby GuestBook to see its cool features. Download it and try it out now!

New! FREE PHP Smart Guest Book 2.0 - Flash and PHP Guest-Book

Check out the new PHP/My SQL version of the Smart Guest Book view demo. Download it and try it out now!

SMART GUEST BOOK 2.0 & PHP SMART GUEST BOOK 2.0 - Enhanced Versions - Cool Enhancements for just $49

Enhancements include guestbook header customization, scroll bar for the comments field, multiple records display interfaces AND a password-protected complete administration panel for managing guestbook records and the active bad word filter plus a 'change the background color of the interface' option. Ideal for new webmasters and busy webmasters with little time to recheck entries and delete them from the database :-)
Special Offer - Save $18 : Buy the Smart Guest Book 2.0 (ASP with Access/MS SQL Server database) OR PHP Smart Guest Book 2.0 (PHP with MySQL database) and get two paid animated interfaces (gliters and book-like) worth $9 each ABSOLUTELY FREE!