Buy Smart Guest Book 2.0

Interactive, animated & low maintenance guest-book

Buy Smart Guest Book 2.0 & Optional Interfaces

Interactive, animated & low maintenance guest-book

Special Offer - Save $18 : Buy the Smart Guest Book 2.0 and get two paid animated interfaces (gliters and book-like) worth $9 each ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Very Important:

  • Please check if the server requirements listed below are fulfilled by your Web Site Hosting before proceeding.
  • The interfaces that will be sent to you will be exactly like the demos on our site (please go through them carefully). We will not entertain requests to remove our mandatory copyright notice after purchase of the product. Other than that, Customized Interfaces can be provided on request at our hourly rate of $20 per hour. Please write to us with your requirements and we will send you a quote.

Once you fill out the Purchase form below you will be taken to our payment gateway. Please note this product is a single user license, thus the guestbook will work only on the site whose URL you provide below. Since we need to manually activate the product for the purchased site, you will be sent your Smart Guest Book product(s) in a zipped file within 24-36 hours to the email address entered below. Unzip it under your site root folder and follow instructions given in the ReadMe.html file. If you are purchasing only the interface(s) then please download the Free Smart Guest Book first. If you have any questions please read our FAQs page.

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Purchase Form

Smart Guest Book 2.0 price in USD: $49 X Average Rate: 70 = Amount in INR: Rs. 3430
(Please Note: Includes Advanced Interface 1, Gliters (Animated) & Book-Like (Animated) interfaces)
Each Advanced Interface price in USD: $5 X Average Rate: 70 = Amount in INR: Rs. 350
Each Animated Interface price in USD: $9 X Average Rate: 70 = Amount in INR: Rs. 630

Select your Product(s):
Smart Guest Book Advanced Interface 1
Advanced Interface 2 Advanced Interface 3
Gliters (Animated) Book-Like (Animated)
Total Amount: USD: $
Select your Database Type: MS Access MS SQL Server
URL of the Web site the guestbook will be used on:
Enter your Full Name:
Enter your Email Address (zip file sent here):
User Verification:

Please re-check if the website URL and your email address are correct

Please click the button only once and wait to be taken to our Payment Gateway Page

Server Requirements

  • You should either have a MS SQL Server database or the facility to upload a MS Access 2000 database (provided by us).
  • Your web site server should be able to process Active Server Pages (ASP).
  • Your web site server should support include files i.e. Server Side Includes (SSI) - probably supported if it can process ASP.
  • To view the Smart Guest Book you need to have Flash Player 5 or above installed on your computer.

Note: All Windows servers usually support ASP and uploading of an MS Access database. A MS SQL Server database usually needs to be ordered separately by you (apart from the web space) from your Web Site Hosting company.

Read how to install the two types of Smart Guest Book 2.0 - Enhanced Version

Note: These instructions are included with the download in the ReadMe.html file.

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