Smart Survey 1.0

Highly sophisticated Flash & ASP Survey Tool

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Highly sophisticated Flash & ASP Survey Tool

Why do you need a Web site Survey application?

The key to stay ahead for any business is to get valuable customer feedback to help provide enhanced customer service. Not many online surveys look interesting or easy enough for your customer to take part in readily. We bring to you a web survey application that is radically different! The Smart Survey makes it fun and easy for customers to provide you with useful information because of its attractive Flash interface and super-fast download time. Get simple and fast feedback from your customers and clients by displaying more than one survey, in fact unlimited number of surveys, on your website with no limit on the number of questions or responses. Purchase this surefire online survey tool to get valuable information from your customers in a minute.

Interfaces Included with the Smart Survey 1.0

Animated Interface 1
(size: 13.7 KB)
Animated Interface 2
(size: 13.6 KB)
Animated Interface 3
(size: 23.4 KB)
General Interface (Can change background color)
(size: 11.1 KB)
Blue Gradient
(size: 11.3 KB)

Cool Features - Discover the Smart Survey Edge

  • Attractive Animated and Interactive Interfaces - Check out the 5 interfaces included with the Smart Survey by clicking on the links below the snap shots above. If the 3 animated interfaces or the 'blue gradient' one don't suit your web site, you can customize the 'general interface' with a different background color to suit it.

  • Results/Trends displayed using 3D Statistics
    View your survey statistics as attractive 3D bar-graphs and pie-charts. View Demo
    View survey trends weekly, monthly and yearly.
    Easily compare results dynamically for a particular question or period using our trendy flash results interface.

  • Create UNLIMITED number of surveys on your site - The Smart Survey allows you to create & display unlimited number of surveys on your web site. For example, you can display new surveys for each section or page, related to its content, for focused user feedback or have a section full of Surveys your visitors might want to take part in.

  • UNLIMITED responses/time period/questions -> complete control. No strings attached! - Most of the popular survey applications have some sort of a restriction or other. Like the prices vary for different number of responses or for the time period the survey is active. The Smart Survey has single site license has "no strings attached". You can run your surveys for any amount of time, any amount of responses can be stored and any number of questions can be there per survey.

  • No Duplicate Voting - Once a visitor submits a vote he/she cannot answer the same survey question for 30 days (if cookies are enabled for their browser) to prevent duplicate voting. However, if you change the survey displayed then the voter is immediately able to vote again without being barred.

  • Incredibly fast load time - Due to our highly optimized code and a very small Flash file the survey can be loaded and completed by a visitor within a minute. Try out our Survey displayed above to see just how fast it is!

  • Flash Interface Advantage - Not only does Smart Survey utilize smart, eye-catching, animated & interactive Flash interfaces but also uses the Flash technology edge of not needing the page to be reloaded/redirected for the data to be submitted.

  • Feedback Options - You can receive visitor feedback through:
    • Multiple or Single answer multiple choice questions - Visitor feedback through questions that require a single answer and those that allow multiple answers.

    • User's Input - Users can answer a question in his/her own words.

    • Combination of Multiple choice questions and User Input - This is a combination of the two features mentioned above.

Pie-Chart/Bar-Graph Statistics

Extensive Administration Panel
  • Extensive Administration Panel
    When you install the Smart Survey for your site you are also provided with a stand alone password protected Administration panel to have complete control over your product. It includes the following features:

    • Maintain a complete Question Bank to choose questions from. Add or Modify questions using a dynamic Flash form where you can view how exactly the survey will look on your site.

    • Add new surveys (by choosing existing questions) to the Survey Bank and use them without destroying archive data.

    • Modify/Delete existing surveys (All survey data are stored until deleted).

    • Modify Login Data - Facility to change your administration panel UserName and Password.

    • Set the Background Color of the Smart Survey to match your site and obtain the copy and paste code to place any of the interface options in your site.

    • View survey results/trends that utilize 3D Statistics.

  • Easy Installation and Customization for your site - The Smart Survey is very easy to install. Read the Installation guide for MS SQL Server or MS Access database. One general interface, three animated interfaces and one graphical interface are provided. To customize the Smart Survey 'look and feel' you can set the Background Color of the Smart Survey general interface to match your site. You can use any/all the interfaces in as many pages of your site (Note: the Survey will work only for the site specified by you on purchase)

  • Database Choices
    MS SQL Server or MS Access 2000 database.

Smart Survey 1.0

Highly sophisticated Flash & ASP Survey Tool

Demo: Animated Interface 1 (size: 13.7 KB)

Smart Survey 1.0 - Price: $299 Buy Now!


Prominent Features:

  • Attractive animated & interactive Flash interfaces.

  • Create & display UNLIMITED surveys

  • complete control: UNLIMITED responses/time period/questions

  • Prevent Duplicate Voting

  • Super-fast load time & small file size

  • View Results/Trends using 3D Bar-Graphs and Pie-Charts

    more features...