Smart Guest Book 2.0

Flash and ASP GuestBook: Enhanced Version

Smart Guest Book 2.0

Flash and ASP GuestBook: Enhanced Version - Interactive, animated and low maintenance

Price : $49 only
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Advantages of purchasing the Smart Guest Book
  • Get valuable feedback from your visitors - Many people are put off by a slow and uninteresting guestbook. Make your visitors want to fill out your fast, attractive and animated Interactive Flash guest-book.
  • Make your site user friendly and attractive - We bring you a eye-catching guest book that is radically different. Its simplicity and superior load time combined with its cool Flash interface gives it that extra edge. Use it to spice up your web site!
  • Display multiple records - To save time wasted in going through all the entries one at a time, display more than one record (2 or 10) per page.
  • Easy installation, customization & maintenance - Just unzip the Smart Guest Book to your site folder, activate the database and place the guest book, or a link to it, anywhere on your site. Password-protected complete administration panel for managing guestbook records and the active bad word filter. Also included are the facilities to get the copy-paste code for any interface and to change the background color and guest-book heading.

Cool Features of the Smart Guest Book

  • Smart eye-catching Interactive Flash Interfaces (plus 2 free Animated Interfaces), whose background color and heading are customizable to suit any site. View Demos
  • Extra Flash Interfaces, including Multiple Entry Display Interfaces to display 2 or 10 entries per page. View Demos
  • Fantastic load time due to highly optimized code and small Flash file size (33-84 KB).
  • Active bad-word filter , editable from the administration panel.
  • Complete Administration Panel - Included the following functions :
    • Password protected browser based administration panel with facility to change password whenever required.
    • Easy deletion of unwanted records.
    • Modify the bad word filter easily.
    • Load as many entries at a time as you desire, that is for example 25/50/75 etc. as per your requirement.
  • Cross Browser Compatible, works well in both Netscape (4+) and Internet Explorer (5+).
  • Comments field Scroller appears for records that go our of display range.
  • Comments field can accept HTML text (bold, italics and underline).
  • Guest book entries stored in a MS SQL Server or MS Access database.
  • Client-side javascript validation for Name and E-mail Address fields.

This guest-book is thus ideal for new webmasters who are moderately web savvy and busy webmasters with little time to recheck entries and delete them from the database. A small price to pay for saving you loads of time and getting much needed user feedback :-) Also, if you haven't found the perfect free guest book that gels with your site, or you need a guest book that displays more than one entry at a time, or need one that has an administration panel to handle the records, then this option is just right for you.

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Important Notes

  • Your server should be able to run Active Server Pages (ASP).
  • Your web site server should support include files i.e. Server Side Includes (SSI) - probably supported if it can process ASP.
  • To view the Smart Guest Book you need to have Flash Player 5 or above installed on your computer. Download Latest Flash Player
  • For sub-sites (i.e. hosted by other sites like geocities, brinkster, anglefire free pages, etc.) make sure you can upload an MS Access Database. Usually the access database will have to be uploaded to a special directory, in such a case you will have to change the path to the database in the downloaded ASP files (instructions included in the ReadMe.txt file).
  • If you own your own site, you should be able to upload an Access Database file (.mdb file) or you should have access to a MS SQL Server Database.
  • If you purchase the Access database version, please make sure that the directory where you place it on your server has been given write permission.

Special Offer - Save $18 : Buy the Smart Guest Book 2.0 and get two paid animated interfaces (glitters and book-like) worth $9 each ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Interfaces Included with the Smart Guest Book 2.0

Special Offer - Save $18 : Buy the Smart Guest Book 2.0 and get two paid animated interfaces (glitters and book-like) worth $9 each ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Advanced Interface 1
(size: 33.8 KB)
Multiple Entry Display 1
(size: 35.6 KB)
Multiple Entry Display 2
(size: 38.4 KB)
Glitters (animated)
(size: 84.1 KB)
Book-like (animated)
(size: 34.6 KB)

Customize the demos for your web site and view other optional interfaces. Read the reviews given by previous users and give your own review! Please sign the SmartWebby Guest-Book, your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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