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Spice up your site with our cool Interactive Web Apps!

Web Applications

Make your web site come alive with these unique, eye-catching and interactive Flash Web Applications.

Using a combination of Flash and ASP we have developed innovative, interactive, one-of-a-kind web products. Hurry and grab these web site add-ons that will help you get valuable information from your customers. Make your site 'sticky' with these web products and service your customer requirements more efficiently. All these products are easy plug-ins for your site.

Smart Poll 1.0 - Great value at US $99

Check out the fastest and smartest poll on the net! The Smart Poll web product is a super-fast, small-sized Flash Poll, created integrating Active Server Pages (ASP) and Flash, with 3D Bar Graph and Pie Chart statistics to make your web site interactive and sticky. MS SQL Server and MS Access versions available.
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Also available: Smart Multi Poll 1.0 (US $149) for multiple web polls running on your website simultaneously. Learn More! or Buy Now!

Cool Features : Get the Smart Poll Edge Features Explained

  • 3D Bar Graph/Pie Chart Statistics
  • Super-fast load time
  • Flash Interface Advantage
  • Easy Installation and Customization for your site
  • Extensive Administration panel

Extensive Administration Panel Pie-Chart/Bar-Graph Statistics  

Smart Survey 1.0 - Complexity made simple for just $299

Smart Survey Demo (Price:$299 Buy Now!)

Prominent Features:

  • Attractive animated & interactive Flash interfaces.

  • Create & display UNLIMITED surveys

  • complete control: UNLIMITED responses/time period/questions

  • Prevent Duplicate Voting

  • Super-fast load time & small file size

  • View Results/Trends using 3D Bar-Graphs and Pie-Charts


Smart Quote - Help your Clients at US $129

This cool new product is a must for all online businesses. Your potential clients get an Instant Quote or estimate that totals up right in front of their eyes! The Flash Smart Quote has been a real success on our site and we strongly recommend that you use an instant quote on any business site. Try it below!

What is an Instant Quote?

We can build the Smart Quote for your web site for

An Instant Quote is exactly what the name implies. It provides an online quote instantaneously. Your clients don't have to contact you with their requirements to find out what your rates and costs are. They simply have to try out different combinations and options to get a solution that is customized to their needs and budget constraints. This saves time and effort for both the parties involved. The Smart Quote also helps your clients make a buying decision. Isn't that Smart?

Cool Features

  • Flash Interface - It has a smart Flash Interface (we will customize it to suit your site)
  • Instant Calculations - Simply select the the options you want and the total is instantly calculated. For a different set of options, simply uncheck the boxes and select new ones. You'll get a fresh new total - at once!
  • Automatic Email Sender - If a visitor chooses to contact you with the details of this quote, an email is automatically generated that records his or her selected options along with the total.

Try out our Smart Quote demo below to see just how cool it is! it's a great deal for only US $129!

Important Note: The prices listed above are out-dated please write to us with your specifications for a custom quote.

Smart Guest book (Enhanced Version for just $49)

Try out our demo or sign the Smart Webby GuestBook to see the cool features of our Smart Guest Book.

Special Offer - Save $18 : Buy the Smart Guest Book 2.0 and get two paid animated interfaces (gliters and book-like) worth $9 each ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Cool Features of the Smart Guest Book

  • Smart eye-catching Interactive Flash Interfaces (plus 2 free Animated Interfaces), whose background color and heading are customizable to suit any site.
  • Extra Flash Interfaces, including Multiple Entry Display Interfaces to display 2 or 10 entries per page.
  • Fantastic load time due to highly optimized code and small Flash file size (33-84 KB).
  • Active bad-word filter , editable from the administration panel.
  • Complete Administration Panel - Included the following functions :
    • Password protected browser based administration panel with facility to change password whenever required.
    • Easy deletion of unwanted records.
    • Modify the bad word filter easily.
    • Load as many entries at a time as you desire, that is for example 25/50/75 etc. as per your requirement.u
  • Cross Browser Compatible, works well in both Netscape (4+) and Internet Explorer (5+).

  • Comments field Scroller appears for records that go our of display range.
  • Comments field can accept HTML text (bold, italics and underline).
  • Guest book entries stored in a MS SQL Server or MS Access database.
  • Client-side javascript validation for Name and E-mail Address fields.

This guest-book is thus ideal for new webmasters who are moderately web savvy and busy webmasters with little time to recheck entries and delete them from the database. A small price to pay for saving you loads of time and getting much needed user feedback :-) Also, if you haven't found the perfect free guest book that gels with your site, or you need a guest book that displays more than one entry at a time, or need one that has an administration panel to handle the records, then this option is just right for you.

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If you are interested to know more about any of these products or would like to buy any of them, please e-mail us at admin@smartwebby.com. You can also contact us by using our contact us form.