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Free Smart Referrer - Free Traffic Analysis Tool

Monitor your web site for free with the Smart Referrer Traffic Analysis Tool

Free Smart Referrer - Free Traffic Analysis Tool

Monitor Your Site Referrer

What does the Smart Referrer do?

  • Monitors the referring URLs to selected pages of your web site -- Sometimes, don't you wish that you could individually monitor just a few pages of you site, probably those you have been promoting recently. Well here is a small compact product for you which does just this. It records the URL of the pages that visitors are coming from to your web pages.
  • Comprehensive and comparative hits reporting -- The general report generated for your monitored pages give you the total hits till date, This week's hits, Today's hits, Last recorded date's hits and Last recorded week's hits for both the monitored page and each of the referrers. There is also a report that gives all the referrers that have accessed you page today and those that have not accessed you page today.

The price?

Yes, it is absolutely free with no conditions attached. Try out our demo that shows the reporting page to see the cool features of our Smart Referrer or download it now!.

Cool Features

  • Reports Generated - The Smart Referrer generates various detailed reports on your referrers :
    • Brief Report : Reports the total hits till date, This week's hits, Today's hits, Last recorded date's hits and Last recorded week's hits for the monitored page.
    • Today's Report : Gives information on all the referrers that have given hits to your page today.
    • General Report : This report gives you the overall report for hits till date, This week's hits, Today's hits, Last recorded date's hits and Last recorded week's hits for each of the referrers.
    • No Hits Report : This report gives all the referrers that have not accessed your page today and the details of when it was last hit.
    • Display of monitored and archived pages : Here you can see all the pages that are monitored and also the pages that are archived or deactivated.
  • Other features
    • Administration Panel : You are provided with an admin page for activating, editing, deleting and deactivating pages that need monitoring. You can access the reports and there is a quick Help section.
    • Data Storage : The data is stored in a MS SQL Server or MS Access database.
    • Easy Usage : All you have to do is place a server side include at the end of the monitored page and add the page URL into the admin panel.

Important Notes

  • Your server should be able to run ASP pages since to monitor your pages you would need to convert all monitored pages to .asp files.
  • For sub-sites (i.e. hosted by other sites like geocities, brinkster, anglefire free pages, etc.) make sure you can upload .asp pages and an MS Access Database (usually the access database will have to be uploaded to a special directory, in such a case you will have to change the path to the database in the downloaded ASP files).
  • You should be able to upload an Access Database file (.mdb file) or you should have access to a MS SQL Server Database. If you download the Access database please make sure that the directory where you place it on your server has been given write permission.

Webby Note

If you are a webby, check out how all this can be done using only one optimized ASP page! It could be a good learning experience for intermediate ASP developers.

Only one easy step to download the Smart Referer

Download Step 1: You need to choose Your database. Download Now! or try out our Demo.

Read how to install the two types of Smart Referrer downloads

Note: These instructions are included with the download in the ReadMe.txt file.

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