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If you have any other questions about the Smart Poll, apart from the ones listed below, please feel free to contact us at smartpoll@smartwebby.com.

Questions On Purchase

  1. Can you have as many polls as we want on our site at a time?
    1. Yes, by purchasing the Smart Multi Poll you can display more than one poll, infact unlimited number of polls, on your website. This product is recommended for portal/vortal, educational and ecommerce sites, so that invaluable feedback can be got from visitors that view your individual pages by voting in polls related to the content.

  2. Why is the Smart Poll sent to me in a zip file to my email ID rather than being downloadable?
    1. The Smart Poll has been created in such a way that it will work only for the site that it is purchased for (no one can save your site poll and use it without a proper license). To enable this we need to first verify that the Site URL given to us is correct/valid and then the files are created for the site. This can easily be automated but we want to give that personal touch to every site that purchases this product :-)

  3. Can you please tell me if it is possible to view previous polls with the system? Additionally, do you provide full source code to the .fla file or is it already generated and compiled in an swf file?
      1. Yes, you can view previous polls from the administration panel (through a flash interface). No data is deleted until you do so yourself.
      2. The .fla is not provided as the interfaces are very basic and can very easily be integrated into any site. Take a look at the Usage Tips page which gives some basic integrating tips. If you really need to change the interface i.e. maybe with a logo in the background we can do it for you for free! (Don't let the word out, but for our first 20 privileged clients we are doing a little free customization without publicizing it, please contact us at smartpoll@smartwebby.com with your requirements to confirm on this). Plus you site will most likely be linked too as a 'Live Smart Poll site', so you will potentially be getting hundreds of hits per day from our site.

Questions On Integration

Most of the questions given below relate to the MS Access version of the Smart Poll. If you have chosen the MS SQL Server version then there is very little chance of you not being able to install the Smart Poll successfully :-)

  1. When I click 'View Current Poll' all the interfaces are just displaying "Loading....Smart Poll"?
    1. Click the Refresh Poll button on the 'View Current Poll' page. If the poll doesn't show up within 2 minutes then your Access database folder has not been given write permission properly.If it still doesn't work then you might have made an error in giving us your site URL. Please contact us immediately.

  2. I have voted in the poll but it is not being stored in the database?
    1. Your Access database folder has not been given write permission properly. Please contact your server administrator. If it still doesn't work then please write to us.

If you have any further questions about the Smart Poll please feel free to contact us at smartpoll@smartwebby.com.