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Smart Guest Book 2.0 Installation

Installing the PHP Smart Guest Book 2.0 for MySQL Database

PHP Smart Guest Book 2.0 - Installation

Installing the PHP Smart Guest Book 2.0 for MySQL Database

A. Contents of the zip file

  1. SmartGuestBook.sql (SQL Scripts file)
  2. 5 Flash Interfaces : SmartGuestBook.swf, guestbookmulti1.swf, guestbookmulti2.swf, gliters.swf and booklike.swf
  3. Flash files used in the Admin Panel : admin.swf
  4. conn.php - contains the connection parameters to your MySQL Database
  5. guestbook.php (PHP file used to show the Guest-Book in a pop-up window)
  6. SmartGuestBookCode.php (PHP file accessed by the .swf file)
  7. scripts.js (Javascript code)
  8. badwordfilter.txt (comma delimited bad words list)
  9. CloseWindow.htm (to automatically close the window)
  10. Admin Panel Functionality Files : 8 PHP files, 6 GIF images and a CSS styles file
  11. Single Website EULA (End User License Agreement) - License.html
  12. This Installation Guide - ReadMe.html

B. Quick Installation Steps

  1. Important : Unzip (Extract) all the files to a folder called SmartGuestBook under your site root.
  2. Database : To create the required tables run the sql scripts file (SmartGuestBook.sql) inside your MySQL database. You can use an administration tool like MyPHPAdmin (download it free from www.phpmyadmin.net) or any other database administration tools for the MySQL. Under the database of your choice run the SQL script. In MyPHPAdmin, to run 'SQL query/queries' click the "SQL" option and locate the 'SmartGuestbook.sql' using the browse button. Click go and your database is ready. To double check this see if your database has a table called 'tblguestbook' added to it.
  3. Important : To make your Smart Guest Book work you need to give the connection parameters to your MySQL Database in the conn.php page. Open the code view of this page and you will immediately find the following lines clearly marked out for your convenience.

    $strServer="localhost"; // Server IP Address Or Name
    $strDatabase="guestbook"; // Database Name
    $strUser="sa"; // User ID
    $strPwd="pwd"; // Password

    //----------- End of MySQL Database connection parameters ----------

    Now substitute the dummy values (inside the quotes) with your database details.

  4. Accessing the Administration Panel : To access your Smart Guest Book Administration Panel, Please go to http://your_website_url/SmartGuestBook/default.php and login with the default UserName: administrator and Password : smartguestbook. Please make sure that you change the user name & password immediately (using the change login data facility) to prevent unauthorized entry. If you forget your user name & password, you will need to get into your database and view the table tblguestbookadmin to view it.
  5. To place your Smart Guest Book inside one of your site pages or to place a link to it, log into the administration panel using the username and password, now click on the Interface Options link in the left menu, choose an appropriate interface and select the corresponding code displayed in the text box(es). Copy and paste it into your page code view.
  6. The CloseWindow.htm page can be used to close any web page in your site. Use it if required by using a simple link as below.
    <a href="/SmartGuestBook/CloseWindow.htm">Close</a>

Troubleshooting PHP Smart Guest Book 2.0

  1. If your guestbook is not working please check if your site supports PHP and MySQL databases. If yes, check if your installation steps were correct.
  2. If your Smart Guest Book is stuck i.e., just displaying the "loading guestbook entries" frame, then please check if the URL : http://Your_site_path/SmartGuestBook/SmartGuestBookCode.php?size=50&NAV=1 is giving an error. If yes, please contact us to help you rectify the error.
  3. If you have any other problems please visit our FAQs page or email us (admin@smartwebby.com). Your suggestions and comments are always welcome :-)

Good Luck and Best Wishes from the Smart Webby Team!
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