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Welcome to SmartWebby's Free Flash Animation Tutorials section. We hope our Flash Basics and Flash Animation Tutorials will help you, especially if you are a beginner to Flash. We recommend the use of Adobe Flash CS4 Professional. If you run into any implementation problems please write to us.

Flash Animation Tutorials

Flash Symbols
Flash Symbols In this tutorial you'll learn the basic concepts of Flash symbols, symbol types, creating and using them. Read about basics of Flash graphics, Flash buttons and Flash movieclips.
Flash Animation Basics
Flash Animation BasicsThis tutorial teaches the basics of Flash Animation by covering creation of simple animations using motion tween, shape tween, guided tween and frame-by-frame animation.
Flash Text Basics
Flash Text BasicsThis tutorial explains the basics of using Flash text and the 3 types of Textboxes - Static, Input & Dynamic.
Advanced Flash Buttons
Advanced Flash ButtonsThis Flash tutorial teaches how to convert a simple button into cool button effects using movieclips, sound and actionscript. Teaches the first type: Flash Movieclip Button.
Flash Sound Button
Flash Sound ButtonIn this Flash tutorial you can learn how to include sound files in Flash buttons.
Flash Actionscript Button
Flash Actionscript ButtonLearn how to create a Flash actionscript button using actionscript controlled tweening and masking in Flash.
Cool Flash Effects
Cool Flash Effects Flash tutorials to create cool flash effects using simple techniques like tweening, masking, etc.
Optimizing Masking Animations
Optimizing Masking AnimationsIn this tutorial you'll learn how to optimize animations when masking pictures using Flash.
Outline Effect
Outline EffectA tutorial on how to create an attractive outline effect over a bitmap image in Flash.
Shape Hint Effect
Shape Hint Effect Flash tutorial to create smooth shape tweens by adding a shape hint to the Shape.
Sinewave Background Effect
Sinewave Background EffectThis Flash tutorial teaches you how to create a moving sinewave effect as your background.
Cool Text Effects
Text EffectsLearn how to create simple and cool text effects using basic techniques like tweening, masking, etc.
Flash Graphic Effects
Flash Graphic EffectsLearn how to create attractive graphic objects that use various fill options/effects to make unique and attractive effects. More coming soon!

Software Required

Compatible Versions of Flash for this Tutorial

Recommended Version: Adobe Flash Professional CS5Recommended Version: Adobe Flash CS4 Professional
Flash CS5 Professional | Flash CS4 Professional
Note: For uses of lower versions of Flash some visual interface images would differ.
Recommended Version: Adobe Flash CS5 Professional
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