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Cool General Website Development Tips & Tricks

Web Development Tips

Cool General Website Development Tips & Tricks

Check out these cool web development tips and tricks. Our tips range from design, programming and promotion to working with Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash.

Dreamweaver Tips

Fireworks Tips

JavaScript (CSS Styles)

JavaScript (DHTML) Tips

Self-submitting and URL redirecting list Box:
This tip tell you how to make a list box that directs the user to another page when one of the options is just selected.

  • If you have a Category list (select) box in a form named 'frmTemp' (whose action should be null) then just have the following code in the select box <select> tag.
    < select onchange="document.forms['frmTemp'].submit()" name="lstCategory".>
  • Now in the <option>tag have the value of each option as the URL of the page you want to redirect to.
  • Now in the programming language that you are using check if the form has been submitted and redirect the page to the URL got from the value of 'lstCategory'.
  • Remember page redirection should be done before sending any data to the users browser.

Active Server Pages (ASP) Tips

Good 'ASP dealing with the Database' Coding Practices:

  • When dealing with Databases it is always advisable to 'Open the connection at the latest and Close it at the earliest'.
  • Don't create recordsets for insert and update statements. If your database connection name is 'DBConn' then use DBConn.execute (SQLString).
  • Use stored procedures to the Max. They are inevitable faster than executing SQL statements.
  • For the display of records for 'read only and forward only cursor movement' operation use the 'Set rsRecordSet=DBConn.execute("Select SQL statement")' statement.
  • Set all variables assigned using the 'SET' operator to 'Nothing' as soon as you are finished with using them. This includes the Connection Object, Recordsets, fields, etc

SQL Server Tips

Null Data Entry: When working in your SQL data display pane you might want to place a null value that stores the value truly as '<null>'. For achieving this just select the cell and press the 'Ctrl'+'0' (Zero) keys.

Flash Tips

Optimization Tricks for obtaining very small sized flash movies for the web:

  • Do not use the 'Include all font outlines' option when using text boxes.
  • Using common fonts will not increase the size of the movie as much as using uncommon ones.
  • Use minimum no of frames and small symbols that can be enlarged.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

The golden rule for effective SEO is that all your important keywords should appear in your title, description, content and alt tags of your web page. This increases your keyword density and helps in boosting your ranking with the search engines.

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