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Professional Web Design

Helpful Tips for Professional Web Designers

In this article we talk about some key aspects of Professional Web Design and impart tips on how to become a professional web designer.

What is Professional Web Design?

Simply put, professional web design is a highly creative career where you are (or your company is) selling your web design skills as a professional. For this the quality of your design and programming work determines weather you are truly a professional web designer. Apart from hard work and dedication to your work, which is a common requirement for most careers, this career requires a high level of inborn creativity plus learn-and-apply intelligence. To become a skilled professional these qualities need to be advanced and worked on over a period of at least 2-3 years. Thus these skills cannot be learnt overnight. In this profession, there is no stopping to the improvement you can make to your work quality as there is always something to learn as technology constantly advances.

Professional Web Designer Tips

  • To become a high level Professional Web Designer you need to set a standard for yourself that is on par with the best web designers in the global market.
  • 'See, learn, practice' should be your mantra when you see better designs than what you can produce.
  • Your site graphics (colors, shapes, textures, effects) should always been neat and impressive. There should not be a hint of gaudiness or impatience in the design. Symmetry should be maintained wherever possible (between curves, distances between buttons, links, etc).
  • Learn CSS and HTML Programming well - This is the single most important tip we can give you. You cannot be a complete web designer without knowing CSS and HTML in and out. If you don't have an aptitude for this make sure you have someone working with you who do.
  • Learn how to design for all screen resolutions - this is to do with CSS & HTML programming and not with just Fireworks or Photoshop layout design.
  • Always check if your site pages comply with W3C standards. Check out your site URL in W3C CSS Validator and W3C Markup Validator.
  • Help out people around you and in the design community. Teaching is the best way to gain more knowledge.

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