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A website's header is usually the most prominent feature of the site and its design is a crucial phase as it can make or break your website in terms of usability and impact. Optimally designing a website's header (along with layout consideration for complex designs) consumes a big chunk of design time, creative energy and brain power and requires the extra patient effort to get it right. The header of an effective website in general should comprise of placement of:

  • The logo - with good spacing on all sides
  • Important navigational elements - most websites have their main navigation links and site search box in the header
  • Other elements needing emphasis - one common practice is to put social networking icons in the header for easy access to them website design with Dreamweaver

The website header designed should make these elements look cohesive, uncluttered and slick while fulfilling the targeted look-and-feel requirement. If you are new to website design you can learn how to design a very basic website header via our design a website tutorial.

Website Header Ideas

Every designer irrespective of his or her level of experience looks for inspiration - consciously or unconsciously - be it from the real world around us (from nature or objects), other talented designers or from other visual media. As our eyes go about doing this job, all we need is a developed knack for, learning from and building on every tiny idea, to, assimilating them in creating a new original design. Displayed below are a few website header ideas to get your creative juices flowing. These headers will be made available as free downloads for non-commercial use in a few days. You can also suggest other web sites whose headers are amazing so we can add them here as well (with credits to the designer if known).

Header Design 1001

Header Design 1002

Header Design 1003

Header Design 1004

Header Design Inspiration

Listed below are a few of our Dreamweaver Templates that have unique headers. Click on the template thumbnail images to view the dreamweaver template designs.

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