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Link Popularity

Link Popularity - Key to high search engine ranking

Link Popularity - Search Engines Page Rank Technology

What is Link Popularity?

Link popularity literally means the popularity of links to your site on other web sites. The more popular your site is - especially with well ranked sites, the higher will your site be ranked. For this reason we prefer to call link popularity as link quality. Most search engines decide the popularity of your individual site pages so you need to build up links to all your major pages. Thus page ranking will vary for your site pages and keywords.

Search Engine Optimization

To optimize your site for search engines, your pages should have relevant content with all related keywords appearing as valid reading matter. If your site doesn't have quality content or you have just repeated your keywords without any sense, your page rank will be affected or worse you could be black listed by the search engines.

The top search engine Google lists "building links to your site" as the single most important factor in deciding page rank. Read our article on Google.

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