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Fireworks Tips

Web design & graphic design tips for Fireworks

Fireworks Tips

Web design & graphic design tips for Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks (Macromedia Fireworks prior to version 8) is a fantastic graphic design software for designing both websites and web graphics. From our vast experience in using Fireworks here are some useful tips and tricks for anyone using Fireworks.

Important: This tutorial has been upgraded - goto Adobe Fireworks Tips for the latest.

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[Our Original Tutorial follows]

Fireworks Tips and Tricks

Some cool tips that you could use:

  • Feather an image using Eraser Tool and set the Edges as smooth and transparent.

  • Use Onion Skinning to view two or more frames on the workspace area at once, which is useful for editing the frames in Frame-by-Frame animations.

  • Using Rectangle you can create Rounded Rectangle by setting the value for Rectangle roundness in the properties panel which is displayed under the stroke category.

  • After applying the Filter Effect, you can rearrange the order by clicking and dragging the effect up/down.

  • In Fireworks you have several Special Characters where you can use it Logo’s, Ad’s, Copyright, etc.  You can find the Special Characters in Window (Window >> Special Characters).

  • Press the Alt key and, the down arrow once or drag, to duplicate a graphic easily.

  • When using the vector shapes and auto shapes in Fireworks MX, you can modify the shape's properties uniformly by dragging the yellow points (handles).

  • Similarly, the properties of individual corner points in the shape can be modified by keeping the Alt key pressed and then dragging the corresponding point.

  • Try the in-built graphic behaviors that come with Fireworks: Rollover Buttons or Images and Advanced Rollovers (Swap Images).

  • Set the Transparency of Images or Shapes so that the background shows through.

  • Try the various effects given in the Effect Panel of the Properties Window. They include the popular Inner/Outer Bevel, Drop Shadow and Glow.

  • Use Ctrl+Shift+v to paste a graphic inside any vector shape.

  • Use Curves to give your designs a fun look.

  • We cannot use bitmap tools to vector objects directly. If you want to use,convert vector to bitmap. Easy short cut is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Z (Flatten image).

  • If you want to break a text, use the key Ctrl+Shift+P (text will be in grouped objects) and press Ctrl+Shift+G (to un group the objects).

  • Always keep undo steps to 200(go to Edit >> Preferences >> General tab >> Undo Steps:200).

  • Apply gradient colors to your text using text masking effects look more attractive.

  • When you resize any vector or bitmap images , use Shift for equal proportion of dimensions.

  • If you want to copy any gradient effects, just copy the effect (vector) then go to Edit >> Paste Attributes (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+v). For auto shapes select the gradient effect using Subselection tool and copy the effect.

Congratulations! You have now learnt some fireworks tips and tricks.

Software Required

Adobe Fireworks: Since this tutorial covers a core feature of Fireworks any version of it will do.

Software Required

Adobe Fireworks: Since this tutorial covers a core feature of Adobe Fireworks, any version of it will do.

Compatible Versions of Fireworks for this Tutorial

Fireworks CS6 Fireworks 4-8 | Fireworks CS3 | Fireworks CS4/CS5/CS6
Note: The features and instructions discussed in this tutorial are same across all Fireworks versions listed above; Screenshot images may differ. Recommended Version: Fireworks CS6
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