PHP Associates Inc.

PHP Associates Inc.
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PHP Associates Inc.

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Additions: Logo Design + additional logo, Flash Programming - Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery ('New Projects' page)

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Ongoing Relationship: Site maintenance done by us.

Client Quote

Smartwebby's creative team took our ideas for the website and built on it, creating the most magnificent website we have today. Their excellent professional service, at a reasonable cost, should be the benchmark for all others in their industry. We never thought that doing business with an international company, over the internet, communicating via email could be so easy. We urge everyone who is apprehensive to try it because working with Smartwebby, not only has given us confidence in working with an international company, but has given us a first rate website. If we may offer some advice, we urge all companies to try their logo designing service. We redesigned our logo and they came up with the most creative and catchy designs. We recommend Smartwebby to anyone looking to create or redesign their website and/or innovative corporate logo!

- Anish Patel, Pravin H. Patel Associates, Inc. (U.S.A)

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