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Web Design Questionnaire Website Design Questionnaire

Web Design Questionnaire

After selecting and ordering your Custom Web Design package, all you need to do is fill out and submit the following questionnaire to get your project started. Please copy your Payment Order ID from your Purchase Order Confirmation Email. For us to easily gauge your taste and for the betterment of the designs we turn up please fill out these details carefully.

Client and Order Details

Company Name
Contact Name *
E-Mail Address *
Country *
Custom Web Design Package Selected *
Payment Order ID *

Website Design Details

Website URL *
Tag Line or slogan (if any and that needs to be displayed)
Briefly describe your company. *
What type of services and/or products do you provide?
Who are your targetted audience?
What type of overall feel would you prefer your website to have? (i.e. corporate, contemporary, conservative, warm, serious, classy, polished, flashy, high-tech, artsy, fun, abstract, etc.) *
Important Requirement: Please list at least 3 high quality model websites that you like the look of. *
These do not have to be sites whose business is similar to yours as this only helps us in determining your design taste. Consider layout, colors, navigation, graphics, font/print, etc.
Please provide 2-3 competitor websites (if any)
Important Requirement: List the navigation links for your Site or email a word document with the links listed out.
Colors Preferred or company branding color scheme
[Otherwise logo colors and their shades are used]
Colors Disliked or that must not be used (if any)

Photos/Images: Will you be sending us images to use on your site or would you like us to use our own images? Give the type of pictures you would like us to select and use.

 No Type of pictures:

Please add any additional comments, preferences or specific ideas to keep in mind while designing:
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