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Since 2000 we have used serveral of the best web hosting providers in the world and have first hand knowledge of what their servers and services are like. Quick support is one of the key aspects of choosing a web hosting company and ocassionally we have found that fast and accurate support is what is lacking in many of the top providers due to their lack of trained staff or otherwise slow processes. The best way to get your issue resolved is to go in for an online support chat session and if the person talking to you doesn't know much you should immediately request for a superior to take over the chat which in most cases will be possible. Another main requirement for us all along has been for the global performance of the provider to be excellent. The final key consideration if of course the cost of hosting.

Overall we find the following web hosts the best till date:

GoDaddy Hosting

Excellent pricing for the new features offered! is the worlds #1 domain registrar, but many newcomers wonder how do they rate on the hosting provider scale? Though's support was nothing to write home about, its better now and they are one of the few hosting companies who offer true unlimited websites and resources packages and with whom we have had minimal support issues. Their mail server services is a bit limiting but sufficient. Ultimately their reliable, unlimited and easy-to-use comprehensive (latest technology and feature rich windows or linux) hosting is pretty decent for the low pricing offered. Look for their upto 50% off offers - We got 50% off on the hosting and hope you do too :-)


Arvixe Hosting is an excellent hosting provider especially for Windows Server users and has several features that other hosts lack. Their pricing is resonable if you have 6 or less websites to run on one account. We sadly had to terminate using their services after more than 5 years just because of some random outages on our sites that they couldn't solve immediately nor prevent from reoccuring. Their support was excellent in the first few years and has detoriated but its so much better than 1&1 or Godaddys. They are worth a try if you've had problems with other top hosts - their issues have been minimal and quality has been great. I think we will use them again in the future especially their VPS services (with dedicated RAM) which look more reliable than their shared hosting as of March 2014.

1&1 Web Hosting

1&1 web hosting is one of the top reputed hosting companies in the world with more than 9 million websites hosted by them. This hosting provider is only recommended if you have only one website. They are good providers for low cost hosting solutions and their Dual Hosting for maximum reliability feature (in two locations) provides a mini scale cloud hosting like feel with all regular hosting plans. Their business hosting solutions are ideal for small businesses as they are not only affordable but have lots of features as packages scale up. As most good providers they have a click to install feature for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, Magento, ZenCart, osCommerce, etc. We also recommend taking up a package with CDN features enabled so your website is at its optimal best.


Note: There are several other relatively good hosting companies too like HostGator, HostMySite, Microsoft Azure, iXHosting, etc. However we haven't listed them here because we either had a limited features, support or pricing issue with them for our particular needs due to which we had to move to an alternative company.

Ongoing Offer: For custom web design and programming clients get 6 months managed hosting absolutely free and thereafter our paid managed hosting plans can be taken up if required.

Domain Names

If you don't yet have your domain name registered or you want to own more domains at the best prices, check out the following awesome offers from :



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